tisdag 12 juni 2012



The most beautiful sight
That you'll ever see
Is a rescued greyhound
Playing and free

No longer a prisoner
Locked in a cage
Now joyous and playful
A dancer on stage

No hungry nights
No longer afraid
Someone now loves them
And came to their aid

No painful injections
No broken bones
Now sleeping soundly

On a big bed of their own.

No more trying to please
To receive only pain
Now part of a family
With everything to gain

These gorgeous dogs
Once treated so badly
Are the most loving members
Of their new family

The love that they give
Is honest and true
If you are deserving
They give it to you.

If you have a chance
To have one of your own
Love them and cherish them
Give them a home.
in honor of Spirit, a greyhound who was left injured and abandoned behind a
warehouse after her racing days were over.
Bobbi Dilling

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